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There are Tools and then there are Tools, ya dig?

Here's what I use on the regs:

CoSchedule: This is like, THE WordPress plugin for managing an editorial calendar with a team. Since it's a plugin, it integrates right into the backend, allowing me to assign posts and deadlines and keep track of everything. Plus its social sharing capabilities are stupid good.

Shareist: Shareist takes the whole editorial calendar biz to another level. Using Shareist's own set of tools, you can collect different posts and articles around the web into your inbox for curated content — do you do link roundups? Yep, this is perfect for that. You can manage multiple projects at one time, assign tasks, check out your team's progress. Even better, Shareist's team, especially its mastermind Scott Jangro, is the most amazing. Because Shareist isn't a plugin, you can totes use it regardless of which platform you use.

Clicky: This analytics tool, used in conjunction with Google Analytics, has changed so much about how I look at BAB's data. I know GA has a “real time” feature, but it's got nothin' on Clicky on this front. I find the hourly graphs to be so useful in knowing when to share content, what content is most popular at different times of day and where my referrals are coming from on an hourly basis. Y'all, if you geek out over data, get on this.

PicMonkey: As bloggers whose job largely involves gorgeous Insta- and pin-worthy photos, I can't recommend PicMonkey enough. Sure, some of y'all have Photoshop, and while I'm totes green with envy about that, my skillz and level of need certainly don't necessitate the software and its bulging price tag. PicMonkey, however, has a free version that has plenty of wiggle room and a paid version (monthly or annually) that has access to many more fun tools and it's still only $33 per year. 

PrettyLinks: PrettyLinks is a cloaking / shrinking plugin for WordPress, and it makes my life. The light, free version cloaks and shrinks links, can be set to nofollow and tracks the number of hits. The pro version has an added option of being able to automatically populate set keywords with the designated affiliate link in addition to shrinking, cloaking and tracking. It's magical.