• Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers 101: Getting Started with Networks

    How the hell do you even get started in affiliate marketing?

    Let’s get back to the basics, kids, and start from there.

    First thing’s first: You’ll need to join some networks.

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  • ThinkTank is Over. Now What?

    You’ve had your 1:1 meetings. You lost your voice from all the networking. You’re tired, maybe a little hungover and full of ideas. You’ve got a stack of business cards to sort through, a list of merchants you met with and tons of new blogger friends. You learned about a few new aspects to working with ShareASale, like reports you didn’t know existed or ways to optimize your blog for better monetization.

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  • How to Prepare for 1:1 Meetings with Merchants and OPMs

    One of the biggest benefits of ShareASale ThinkTank is being able to schedule one-on-one time with your current or prospective merchants and OPMs (that’s Outsourced Program Managers). Sure, you might email back and forth with them throughout the year, but it’s not very often you’ll get to sit down and have legit face time carved out to go over how you can be of benefit to one another, so it’s my recommendation that you take full advantage of this opportunity. And if you’re doing this as a total n00b, these meetings have the potential to open a whole new world of possibilities (trust me). However, since the meetings are a bit short — most are going to run about 15 minutes — you’re going to want to come locked and loaded to get biz done. Oh, and don’t forget to grab your free downloadable spreadsheet to help you keep track of your meetings (available at bottom of post).

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  • 10 Tips to Prepare You for ThinkTank

    ThinkTank has played a huge role in my affiliate marketing life — the Denver show in 2013 was my inaugural event, and it’s where I met the people who have been integral to my success in the industry. (More about that here.) That first ThinkTank was also my very first foray into any conference having to do with affiliate marketing … and look at what I’ve done in the time since! I’ve spoken at four Affiliate Summits and will be speaking at Performance Marketing Summit the day ThinkTank kicks off. Not too shabby, eh? 

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  • Headed to ThinkTank? Start the Party Early at Performance Marketing Summit!

    It’s nary a secret that ShareASale is my favorite network among the affiliate networks out there. The tools are a blogger’s dream — from the deep-linking Product Discovery bookmarklet to the widget-y Product Showcase to the consultant’s idyllic two-tier and referral links — and the interface and reporting are super idiot-proof. Not to mention the SAS team is uber responsive with pretty much any question I have — and those tend to be many. 

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  • Merchant Spotlight: Henkaa

    Merchant: Henkaa Category: Bridesmaids, Guest Attire Affiliate Manager / OPM: Affiliate Manager Network: ShareASale About the program: Henkaa was founded in 2009 by current CEO Joanna Duong-Chang who combined her want for fashion-forward frocks with her economically-sensible principles. The dresses, called convertible or infinity dresses, can be worn a variety of ways — or as

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