• Why You Should Always Read Program Terms

    While I don’t claim to be old hat at affiliate marketing, I do feel as though I know my fair share about it. I always read the T’s & C’s for programs, because I’ve seen some funky things (like not being able to use images from a merchant’s site or not being allowed to post about the merchant on social unless it leads back to my blog). But this is the first time I have seen an affiliate marketing program require exclusivity among its affiliates. And the whole concept has my head spinning.


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  • Cookie Length: More Important than Commission?

    The one figure I most often hear bloggers talk about — whether they’re stoked or balking — is commission. And why not? It’s important to know how much scratch you’re going to earn when you’re able to make a conversion. And of course, the bigger the better, right?

    But cookie length is important too, maybe even more important. And it’s an oft-overlooked metric that plays a huge role in earning you that hard-earned commish in the first place. Especially for wedding and some lifestyle bloggers, knowing the cookie length you’re working with is integral to deciding which merchants to promote.

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  • The Big D: Declined isn’t the Final Word

    Yeah, sucks, doesn’t it? I got you. I’ve been there. Getting that email with a big fat “Your application has been DECLINED” … and yes, normally in all caps, just to make you feel worse than you already do. Jerks. But are they? Maybe … maybe not. Merchants get tons of applications into their programs

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