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Rad Resources You Might Want to Check Out

These are some peeps in the affiliate marketing industry who know their shizz and share their snippets freely:

FMTC: This website full of information for affiliates of all levels. Sign up for the publisher toolkit and get access to some amazing tools, like the Affiliate Disclosure plugin, which I use on this site.

Tricia Meyer: Tricia has been in the affiliate space since the mid-aughts, as best as I can tell. She was honored with the Pinnacle Award as Affiliate of the Year at Affiliate Summit West '15. Her blog is full of musings on conferences, industry news and other worthy snippets. She's also as hardcore about properly disclosing as I am, so don't fuck with her.

Apogee blog:  I may be a little biased (as Apogee's Influencer Manger), but this OPM's blog is chock-full of information, from why you may get declined from one of their programs to what to look for when joining new programs. The Apoglee team also hosts a bi-monthly video call, titled Apogee Live, which is an opportunity for affiliates and merchants to “meet” face-to-face or for affiliates to learn about anything new and exciting within the agency and industry at large.

ShareASale blog: Add this blog to the list of many reasons why SAS is my favorite network. Not only do they have tutorials and webinars, but ShareASale keeps us apprised of new merchants  and gives us regular updates on the new tools available in the network.

Ashley B. Coombe: Put simply, Ashley is the shizz. Homegirl has one foot in the affiliate marketing space while the other is firmly planted in content and social media marketing — which, in all, makes her a great person to know. Her blog and newsletter provide great tips on how to maximize both arenas for your reader and your bank account.

Missy Ward: If there's one person in affiliate marketing (OK, one of two: I can't include Missy without including Shawn Collins) that really knows her shizz, it's her. Missy and Shawn are founders and co-CEOs of Affiliate Summit. I can easily say that if it weren't for Missy, Shawn and former ShareASale President Brian Littleton, I'd know absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing. So, theres that.

Adam Riemer: Adam is an affiliate manager and a friend. He's also a whiz at SEO and has a plethora of information on his blog on how to tweak your SEO to help increase your affiliate conversions.

For tips on building an email list and growing your marketing strategies, the Constant Contact blog has some great resources and strategies.

Finally, stumped on all those affiliate marketing terms? Check out Fresh Press Media's glossary.

Conferences Worth a Shit

These are all conferences I've attended and recommend.

ShareASale ThinkTank: Brian Littleton & Co. put on this amazing summit every year in a different location. My first ThinkTank was in Denver in 2013, and it was such a great experience. The people I met at ThinkTank have been integral in my education and success in performance marketing. This conference is on the smaller side and is a wonderful opportunity to learn about any new tools or products SAS has launched, as well as a chance to get some legit one-on-one time with your merchants and AMs/OPMs. And ShareASale knows how to throw a helluva party.

Affiliate Summit: Affiliate Summit conferences tend to be huge (6K peeps at ASW '15) and slightly overwhelming, but if you're willing to pony up the dough for one of the more inclusive packages, then the educational sessions are worth it. If not, it's a great opportunity to get a ton of networking done. ASE takes place in early August in New York while ASW is in January in Vegas. They are very different beasts in location and feel, but I enjoy them equally.

Type-A Parent: Don't let the moniker fool you: Type-A is for bloggers of all walks, parent or not. From inspirational keynotes to educational and sometimes whimsical sessions to seriously kick-ass parties, Type-A is a great place to network and learn.