Pimp Your Profile for the Best Results

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It's obvious that on social media and on your website, your profile should be fully decked out. You have all the information front ‘n' center for the biggest, brightest and best brands to be able to reach out and get what they need to work with you.

Your profile in the affiliate networks should get the same treatment.

In my work helping Apogee with blogger outreach, I've gotten a sneak peek at the back end of ShareASale and how blogger profiles appear to affiliate managers. Let me tell you, there are some doozies out there.

The first thing that struck me was how few bloggers — and I mean legit bloggers and influencers — have a grand total of jack shit in their network profile. Y'all, c'mon. Affiliate marketing is a relationship business. Click To Tweet. To start a relationship, someone has to make the first move. In this instance, it's you.

I asked my friend Wade Tonkin, the affiliate manager for Fanatics*, to take a look at my profile and give me some feedback.

From Wade:

I think your description is really solid. You have logo images, multiple URL's … solid, no b.s. description of what you do … might want to list out any other social properties that play in … I like to get a feel for how much reach an affiliate has with social as well as check their sites.

Nothing bums me out more than an affiliate who applies and says “I have 3 blogs and 20 targeted FB pages and I use Instagram” and doesn't disclose a one in their app or profile. That's your chance to make your case. Make it fully and make it well, as it might be the only shot you get.

At the very least, put your best stuff out there — some good examples of your work. If you have 85 social pages, give me the high traffic ones, etc.


I hadn't considered putting my social pages in my profile. It felt like it was too much, but Wade made a good point in saying that it may be the only shot affiliates get at impressing a brand and getting their application approved.

You should show your best self.

Think of it like online dating.

You only have a few sentences to really make a good first impression. Make 'em count.


  • Say you're only going to promote X or Y brand.
  • Say you're going to include only banners.
  • Say you're looking to monetize / add affiliate links / whatever. That's a given.
  • Share your specific stats.
  • Say you're only going to promote on one platform.
  • Leave the damn thing blank.


  • Share your central blog topics.
  • Share all the platforms you'll be promoting on including social.
  • Touch on any other websites or media properties listed under your account that you'll be using links on
  • Be specific, but not too detailed.
  • Include your domain.
  • Make sure your website is actually functioning.

Following these tips and ensuring your profile is concise, accurate and legible as well as detailed enough to show your uniqueness will help you put your best face forward for the brands you'd like to become affiliated with. Recruiters look at network profiles before they even click over to your site, so make a good first impression.

*Want to join the Fanatics affiliate program? Click here.


Author: Christen