Keywords are the Key

This post contains affiliate links. Because this is an affiliate marketing blog, so, #duh. This means I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post.

One thing I've been hearing over and over is that bloggers are not sure how to integrate affiliate links beyond just banner ads and product / merchant mentions. Man, I get that. It took me a solid minute before I was able to get a firm grasp on how to seamlessly smush my affiliate links into my organic content without it seeming salesy or smarmy.

It's all in the keywords, you guys. Think about that. When you're talking about bridesmaid dresses — as we are wont to do fairly frequently — you probably have a place that comes to mind immediately ( BHLDN? ModCloth?) so rather than have a clunky phrase such as:

When you're deciding on your bridesmaids dresses (like these super pretty ones from BHLDN) blah blah.

You could totally go with:

When you're deciding on your bridesmaids dresses blah blah.

See what I did there? Rather than be pushy and in-yo-face with my affiliate link, I just populated a phrase that will take them to my merchant of choice for that keyword. Even better? If you install PrettyLink Pro, you can totes set it to automatically populate your chosen keyword(s) or phrase(s) with the merchant of your choice.

Affiliate links are easy to integrate into say, DIY posts, inspiration boards, product heavy posts, etc. But they're just as easy to integrate into styled shoots, hard-hitting topic posts and any other super organic content, you just have to think beyond the product — what are phrases that are related to something a reader would purchase?

Some common phrases for wedding bloggers that are super easy to monetize:

– Centerpiece

– Candle / candle holder

– Vase

– Flowers

– Groom attire

– Decor (guys — you can link to landing pages, not just specific products)

– Dress / gown / bridesmaid dress

– Accessories

– Registry (OMG. Link to your chosen registry site / merchant)

You get the idea? Now off with ye! Populate those keywords!

Author: Christen