It’d Be Way Cooler If Babies Did Poop Glitter

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Guys, I'm still wrapping my brain around this. We're having a baby. It seems at once surreal, thrilling, scary, surprising and all together awesome. We've previously discussed kids in the way one discusses that perfect vacation to a far off destination — in vague terms filled with grandiosity and uncertainty. But now that I've landed at the destination, shit's getting real.

The first trimester has been a real asshole. All of those symptoms The Books gently warn of came on like the pukiest, tiredest, achiest, swollen-boobiest hailstorm of awful that ever existed.

So, that's been fun.

But, now that I'm on the precipice of the second trimester, which is supposedly when magical feel-good unicorns come sprinkle awesome dust all over the place and the world begins to make a little sense again, I'm finding my motivation again. I can only keep my fingers crossed. I've started to get excited — because, let's be real: I'm damn fucking good at using my Google-fu to find awesome shit on the Internet. And this is a whole new realm for me.

Challenge: Accepted.

I've started researching the hell out of … well, everything. What we need, what we don't need, what “methods” are conducive to our lifestyles, what — exactly — kinds of bacon I can and cannot eat, how to methodically stock Champagne over the course of the next seven months so I never have to be without it again. I'm solidly pinning on my own Pinterest account again. I've (obv.) been working on expanding Bourbon & Sparkle to include more life stuff but still have the focus on affiliate marketing education and consulting.

I'm excited to for this roller coaster of an adventure and being able to share it in the best way I know how: By writing about it.

I'd love to hear any tips seasoned parentals may have for n00bs like us, as well as recommendations on products, etc. Of course I'll still do my own research, but what better way to know if something works than ask those who've actually been there, done that?

Let's get this party started!

Author: Christen Moynihan