Treat Yo-Self (and Your Kid) with Boxes from Ecocentric Mom

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Apparently, being a parent can create a ton of waste. Like, whoa (guys, just think of all the dirty diapers and takeout containers … ). And while some of it is unavoidable, choosing the right products for both you and your kid that make less of an environmental impact isn't. It's actually kind of a no-brainer, right? But when you're brand new to this whole parenting biz, how do you even find those companies that take eco-mindedness to heart for both you and your little?

You can start by getting subscription boxes (srsly, whoever thought of this concept is my favorite person ever) from Ecocentric Mom. With three boxes to choose from — Pregnancy, Mom & Baby and Mom — Ecocentric Mom delivers hand-picked products to help you make good choices regardless of where you're at in momhood. Ecocentric Mom sent me a Mom & Baby box, since I'm like *rightthere* with my pregnancy, and I figured I could use a couple of the goodies when #babything finally does show his little face.

I want to tell you that the box comes beautifully packaged and there's strong attention to detail, but due to my mailman's utter failure to do his job, I unfortunately can't relay whether that's a true statement or not. But I'm just going to assume it's true.

I digress. Ecocentric Mom‘s box came chock-full with goodies for both me and #babything, from stuff that I'm like “Oooh, I can't wait to try that!” to products that garner more of a “oh, yeah, those will come in handy.” In my box, I got especially excited about the Pouch Pal (a little holder thingy for baby food pouches that reduce the chance of a squeeze-induced mess), the WowButter (peanut butter cravings have been LEGIT, yo) and the Cultivar Organic Morrocan Mint Body Scrub (because I love a good scrub). But I was also pretty stoked to see a few cards that not only contained information about some of the products, but also has discount codes in case I want to take the plunge on purchasing any of these products.

Included in my box:

Left to right:

Birds and Bees Teas Easy Naps & Calm Nights Tea (muslin bag included)

Vana Body Bergamot + Tea Tree Facial Oil

Cultivar Organic Moroccan Mint Body Scrub

Fire & Flavor Chicken Rub

Clockwise from Top Left:

 NooTrees Bumboosa Bamboo Baby Wipes

Nourish Pouch Reusable Baby Food Pouch

– Pouch Pal

– NooTrees Bamboo Tissue Wipes

– Dolphin Organics Simply Citrus Shampoo and Body Wash

Wowbutter — nut-, gluten-, dairy- and egg-free spread

I love the diversity of products included in the box — a little pampering for me, a lotta logistics for the kid. And none of these brands are ones that I've been previously familiar with, so it's nice to get a little intro without the full commitment.

Right now, when you sign up for a three-month subscription to Ecocentric Mom boxes, you'll get a free gift: A ThinkBaby All-In-One Bottle Set ($25 ARV) for FREE (use code BESTBOTTLES).

Click here to get your subscription going and claim your gift!

Author: Christen