Discovering Dexter: 9 Months

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Yipes. Nine months. And you just keep growing and growing! We had your 9-month checkup, complete with vaccinations (YAY.), and you're weighing in at 23.7 pounds and are 29.5 inches long. Whew! No wonder it feels like I'm getting a workout just holding you!

You're crawling as fast as lightning, and now you're pulling up on everything in sight! We've had to take some extra measures to make sure you have a super comfortable and safe area, including getting a new rug and a wall mount for the TV (lest one of those blocks you like to bang on the table wind up through the screen). You're getting more adventurous with food, which is great fun to see, though you're still mostly unsure of it all. Your personality comes out more and more every day, which is a complete joy to watch. You're a happy, energetic, vocal kid and it melts me to see you light up at the sight of us.

Little Dexter, at 9 months:

You can pull up, and nothing's gonna stop you! Whether you're against a bare wall, the baby gate or any kind of surface, it's fair game if it gets you to standing.

You're responsive to your name, which is super fun — and comes in handy when we're trying to steer you away from a cat.

You're starting to get a little more adventurous with foods — you really liked the soft pretzel at dinner the other night and really liked mom's watermelon popsicle.

We've started using your sippy cup a little, and you're totally intrigued. You love to stop, pull it out of your mouth, examine it and then return to sipping.

Diaper changes and getting dressed have become the worst. You're constantly putting up a fuss or trying to wriggle out of our grasp, which makes neither task especially easy.

You've been sleeping a bit better … for the most part. You've clocked a couple hour-plus naps, and even a couple 5-hour stretches at night, but there is very little rhyme or reason to it.

You realize that your actions get reactions from us, so now when you knock down one of our epic towers or throw the ball directly to us, you look at our faces for reactions. And it's just the cutest.

You still love singing “Wheels on the Bus” and especially love when I sign and sing the alphabet.

You finished Water Tots swim lessons and did an amazing job. Even being dunked under the water didn't faze you. All this has made bath time a much more enjoyable experience for you.

We're amazed by you every day and we love you so much.

Author: Christen