Discovering Dexter: 8 Months

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Time has been slipping past us so quickly I can barely stop to catch a breath — as evident by the fact that this is weeks late and we're nearly to 9 months. Eek. Where is my mind?

So much has happened in the last month: Teething has ramped up, as has solid food intake. We began weaning and transitioning to formula. Crawling is a very real thing, though sleep still remains rocky. You're pulling up, and pulling hair. We've fallen into a more regular routine, you're becoming more and more of a person than just a little baby blob. You have (very apparent) likes and dislikes, though you're mostly nonplussed. We started swim lessons, and we're both excited to share our love of the beach with you for the first time this summer.

Little Dexter, at 8 months:

You've really learned how to show your excitement, for better or worse. We're working on toning down the grabbing, pinching and hitting, but the vocal exuberance is wildly entertaining.

You have places to go, toys to retrieve and new things to discover and you'll be damned if anyone is going to stop you. We dare not blink lest you scurry out of our site.

We're getting better at figuring each other out, though you think it's hilarious when I tell you “No pinch.”

You're napping in your Pack ‘n' Play regularly, and you're logging at least 30 minutes most of the time (though we've had the occasional hour-plus).

You're able to recognize songs, and get really excited about “Wheels on the Bus,” “5 Little Monkeys” and theme songs to a few shows.

You love it when I sign the alphabet to you.

You're testing the whole world out via your mouth. Nothing is safe from woobies and hickeys.

Though Sophie is still your No. 1 Ride or Die, you love the red ball from Stella. You especially love when we sit down to play with you and we have to repeatedly retrieve it out from under the TV.

You're finicky with foods, but sweet potatoes are steadfastly your favorite. You're also pretty into the avocado-apple-raspberry mix. Jury's still out on the curry chicken.

You're a total delight to take out, as most of the time you fall asleep in the Baby Bjorn on your daddy. You're totally cool with happy hour excursions and dinners at a restaurant.

You love any opportunity to take in things around you, and it's so fun to watch you do so.

We're amazed by you every day, and love you so much.


Author: Christen