Discovering Dexter: 4 Months

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Child, you need to slow your roll on this whole growing thing! In a matter of moments you went from 0-3 month clothes to the bigger side of 3-6 month clothes, and my biceps are feeling every ounce of it.

While you still wake up regularly through the night, you are requiring less of us during those moments — meaning Daddy can stay in bed more often than not and feedings don't last long before you're snoozing again. You're starting to really feel the pain of teething and aren't afraid to make us aware. It breaks our hearts to see you in pain, but when that amazing little smile bursts forth, we know all is right with the world.


Little Dexter, at 4 months:

You're totally in tune with what's going on around you, responding to seeing or hearing your daddy with a huge smile and chattering up a storm when we read to you.

Your wooden teether with the crinkly bunny ears sent from Shane in Montana is your favorite toy.

You're very busy learning about the world … through your mouth. It seems only the kitties have been spared this slobbery fate.

You're totally cool being social, whether it's being passed around the room or observing everything from your stroller vantage.

You've decided that it's time to hold your head up on your own, tummy time be damned. While still a little wobbly, you much prefer to sit up rather than lay down or be cradled.

Morning naps with mama are still the best time, but lunch with daddy is high on the list, too.

You like to talk back, in a good way! You and mama have little “conversations” where she repeats noises back to you and you two carry on for a while this way.

“5 Little Ducks” is your favorite song and works wonders to help calm you.

We're amazed by you every day, and love you so much.

Author: Christen