Discovering Dexter: 11 Months

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Time is so not on my side as of late. Dexter turns 1 in 13 days and I'm just now getting around to his 11 month post. Need to catch up? Read his progress here.

As his mobility grows, so does the busy-ness around here. And we've hit some big milestones. Houston, we have teeth! We went on vacation for the first time. We took a road trip. Foods are getting more and more varied. Walking seems to be just days away. We've had a few nights of sleeping through — though sometimes restlessly.

Little Dexter, at 11 months:

You grew a tooth, and a second is on its way! As opposed to getting your top two or bottom two, you got your bottom right and the top right is making its way. Teething has been no fun, but that little tooth nub sure is cute when you smile.

You loved the trip to Galveston and were wonderful in the car — though it helped that we timed departure around your first nap and arrival around when you'd be waking up from your second. And you snoozed like a champ in the car.

You, thankfully, weren't too keen on eating sand, but you loved playing with Noah (8) and Stella (5) and splashing in the ocean. You also get some seriously great beach hair. We managed to keep you from getting sunburned or bug-bitten (your dad and I are a different story, however).

You're clapping! And it's so cute. You clap at Sesame Street, at us to see if we'll clap back and at the wonder of the towers Daddy builds for you.

Foods continue to be our favorite adventure. You've shown a fondness for hummus and falafel, which makes mama's heart burst. You dig couscous, and occasionally a bite of fish. Pasta is a favorite. You continue to adore veggies, which is amazing.

Napping has also gotten a lot better, though some days you'll only nap once.

You're easily cruising along all the furniture and are often found in downward dog, trying to figure out how to stand up all on your own.

You love when mama has video conference calls, and often steal the spotlight — waving, doing your head tilt or trying to pull my hair and eat my face. I'm starting to think my colleagues like you better than me.

Though “dadadada” is still your most prominent noise, you're beginning to branch out more — even occasionally incorporating an “mmm” sound … is “mama” next?

It's so hard for us to believe you'll be a year old in such a short time. You amaze us every day with your heart-melting smile, your love for just being with mama and Daddy and your hilarious antics. We love you so much.

Author: Christen