Discovering Dexter: 10 Months

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Dexter is halfway through his 10th month and I'm just now getting a chance to write about it. Yeesh.

Suffice it to say, things have been plenty busy around here, and especially more so with a growing, mobile little dude. We're constantly growing, evolving and adjusting to your wants and needs which basically makes every day a new learning experience for all of us.

You've been chock-full of developmental milestones, from learning to feed yourself to crossing the midline and clapping your toys together. You're constantly on the move, whether that's crawling fast as can be across the living room or shimmying along the couch to get from one end to the other. You've proven your fondness for water, and your complete distaste for getting your diaper changed. You're full of love and snuggles, and that couldn't make our hearts happier.

Little Dexter, at 10 months:

Pulling up is so last month! You stand against anything you can get to semi-support you — even if that means gripping onto mom's shorts. You'll occasionally release your grip for a hot second — but not too long!

Food is the greatest adventure, and we couldn't be happier! From fruit like bananas and berries to meats to pastas and grains, we're thrilled to see you try nearly everything we put in front of you.

Ever the center of attention, you know that waving or putting both hands in the air is sure to elicit a response, so you frequently test it out with us and larger groups. You win every time. You were especially pleased at the multi-person response you garnered at the chili cookout.

You're a great shopper! Weekly trips to Target or even the occasional family trip to Kroger are a breeze as long as we make it efficient and you're sittin' pretty in your stroller.

You love to examine, then Dex-troy, any tower we build. We like to think this means you're taking an extra moment to appreciate the architectural brilliance we put into these structures.

You love “Wheels on the Bus” but if you're ready to hit the hay, only “5 Little Ducks” or the elongated version of “Down by the Bay” will do.

We're amazed by you every day, and we love you so much.

Author: Christen