Discovering Dexter: 1 Year

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Holy shit, we did it! We kept our little dude alive for a whole year. There was a lot of sleeplessness, a lot of “what in the hell are we doing??” and a lot of trial and error, but we made it. We are officially parents to a 1 year old — and if this post that's nearly a month late is any indication, life is busy AF. Need to catch up? You can do so here.

Sleep has gotten better. Teeth are growing faster. Walking is becoming more of a reality. Babbling is trying to become real worlds. His appetite is strong, and his curiosity for the world around him is stronger. We've had such an interesting and at times trying year, but we're so proud to have successfully reached this milestone without any major disasters.

Little Dexter, at 1 year:

You have four teeth! Two on the top, two on the bottom. And you're aching to try them on everything — and I mean everything. My forehead, dad's nose, the arm of the couch, the side table … you name it, it's fair game.

“Moana” is by far your favorite movie. We can put that on and you're instantly entranced … and there's no shame in that game. You're my tiny feminist.

You're totally intrigued by Dolly, and she is by you. While there's still some trepidation there (you do go after her tail with frequency, after all) you're warming up to each other. Metro and Gus still don't give AF.

You want to eat everything, and it's so fun. While we stick to a pretty standard routine of food, you always get a little bite of whatever we're eating, and it's great fun to watch how you react to it. You're especially keen on quinoa.

You've started to loathe diaper changes and post-meal cleanup, but you still love the bath.

You have started taking more interest in books, which is such fun. You willingly sit through story time before bed and spend a great deal of time playing with your board books.

Clapping is one of your favorite things to do, next to rolling your cars around. You still enjoy dex-tructing the towers daddy builds, but balls, books and cars are taking over in the favorite toy category.

You chat up a storm for moments at a time. There are times when you'll babble and chatter endlessly, and it's hilarious. You're trying really hard to branch out that vocabulary, and I think “Dolly” is going to end up being one of your first words.

You amaze us every day with your heart-melting smile, your love for just being with mama and Daddy and your hilarious antics. We love you so much.

Author: Christen