Discovering Dexter: 1 Month

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I'm a little late on this — like a week+ late — but um, things get a little insane when you have a newborn around (why didn't someone warn me???). Anyway, Dexter is a whopping 1 month old now and it's high time y'all actually got a little info on him (other than my copious Insta posts).

About his birth: Dexter came about a week early, born on August 19. My water broke in conjunction with my first contraction at 8:44 in the morning and I immediately texted #MFE, who was mere moments from walking out the door to head to Dallas for a work conference. He came home, we loaded up the car, stopped for a bagel to make sure I ate something (which later proved to be moot) and headed to the hospital. After checking in and getting settled in triage — and answering literally a bajillion health and insurance questions — the contractions started getting HOLY SHIT stronger, to the point where I was vomiting and I was 4 cm dilated and 100% effaced. The nurses had a horrible time trying to get an IV in my hand, so they quit trying while I was in triage and resumed the attempt once I was moved to Labor & Delivery. Y'all, it took them damn near an hour to get an IV in me, and between that and the contractions I thought I was going to die from the pain (I'm a pussy. I totally admit it.). And, of course, they couldn't give me anything for the pain until I had 2 liters of fluid — via IV, natch — in my system. This was not fun. Eventually, though, they were able to make a vein cooperate, pumped me with fluids and the anesthesiologist came by to load me up with the feel-goods. And damn, it definitely felt better.

I was dilating fairly quickly — I was about 6 cm two hours after we got to the hospital — but he still had some dropping to do, so #MFE and I watched the Olympics (the first chance we'd gotten to do so, since we don't have cable) and I dozed off and on in between the nurse coming in to move me from side to side. At about 7-ish in the evening, as the Rangers were playing the Rays, it was deemed about time for me to seriously start pushing. I don't have a great recollection of how long everything took, but I remember how difficult it all was, partially because of the drugs and partially because it was still very uncomfortable. But after just about 12 hours in labor, #babything finally entered the world, all covered in slime and crying like a mofo. His dad was also crying, and I think I would have cried if I wasn't in total shock (in a good way). Dexter Moynihan Evans came out at 8 lbs, 4 oz, 20.25 inches long and as the Rangers were winning 6-2.

Little Dexter, at 1 month old:

You love being close to me, preferably on me.

You have a voracious appetite.

You fart like an old man.

When you're awake, you're curious and alert — taking in everything around you.

You are a social creature and don't mind being passed around the room.

You seem to enjoy getting out of the house, especially if it means car rides or being strapped to your daddy in the Baby Bjorn.

Bath time is not your favorite, though shitting on your towels after does seem to amuse you.

You have a multitude of facial expressions already, and we can't wait to see them develop further.

You have a good head of dark hair like your daddy, but we're hoping your eyes turn out Moynihan blue like mine … and it's starting to look like they will.

Night sleep is elusive, but you sleep like a champ during the day, especially during morning snuggles with me.

You love to sit at an angle against my thighs with your head on my knees, looking right at me and making faces.

You're a wonderful baby, and we're still in awe over you.

Author: Christen