This post contains affiliate links. Because this is an affiliate marketing blog, so, #duh. This means I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post.

Kind of like planning a wedding, sometimes you just need a little direction.

And I'm thrilled to help you out. 

I can:

– Help you get started in the affiliate networks.

– Show you how to navigate the network interfaces.

– Demonstrate how to grab links, grab banners, customize links and more.

– Facilitate introductions between yourself and the appropriate Affiliate Manager / Outsourced Program Manager for a merchant.

– Help determine where opportunities for monetization are on your blog.

– Set you up with advice, tips and best practices and more!


First Date: 

$75 for a two-hour get-you-started session

  • 1 hour Skype call walkthrough of network interfaces and demonstrations including:
    • Pulling Links
    • Adding Merchants
    • Reviewing Reports
    • Installing and Using Bookmarklets / Deep-Linking Tools
  • Additional hour reserved for answering questions as you work your way through networks / programs, identifying opportunities, personalized introductions with program managers and general troubleshooting.

Going Steady:

$50 per hour a la carte

  • May include:
    • Joining Networks and Programs on Your Behalf
    • Implementing Your Links on Your Blog
    • Optimizing Blog Posts for Highest Earning Potential
    • Assessing Potential Strategies for Future Optimization
    • And much more. Let's chat!

“I want to give a public shoutout to Christen Moynihan. The world of affiliate marketing was incredibly overwhelming to me so I took Christen up on her consulting offer and she helped clear the way. Literally in one hour I went from no idea to being completely addicted (and now, dare I say, find it fun!). I highly recommend hiring her for a quick consult if you’re a bit clueless with all of the affiliate options like I was. Thank you Christen — you’re a lifesaver!”

— Brittny Drye of Love, Inc.

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