Getting started is the hard part. But I'm here to help.

When you're just getting started in affiliate marketing as a blogger, it can be daunting, overwhelming and confusing. But I have years of experience under my belt, and am entrenched in the industry. So, I'd be remiss if I didn't share that knowledge. Ya dig? I offer a few different consulting packages to help you get started on the right foot in the industry, as well as figure out how to do everything, the right way. Education is integral to success in the affiliate space.

I can:

– Help you get started in the affiliate networks (ShareASale, Awin, Commission Junction, Impact, LinkShare, Pepperjam and more).

– Show you how to navigate the network interfaces.

– Demonstrate how to grab links, grab banners, customize links and more.

– Facilitate introductions between yourself and the appropriate Affiliate Manager / Outsourced Program Manager for a merchant, if applicable.

– Help determine where opportunities for monetization are on your blog.

– Set you up with advice, tips and best practices and more!

Consulting Packages

First Date:

$75 for a two-hour get-you-started session

  • 1 hour Skype call walkthrough of network interfaces and demonstrations including:
    • Pulling Links
    • Adding Merchants
    • Reviewing Reports
    • Installing and Using Bookmarklets / Deep-Linking Tools
  • Additional hour reserved for answering questions as you work your way through networks / programs, identifying opportunities, personalized introductions with program managers and general troubleshooting.

Going Steady:

$50 per hour a la carte

  • May include:
    • Joining Networks and Programs on Your Behalf
    • Implementing Your Links on Your Blog
    • Optimizing Blog Posts for Highest Earning Potential
    • Assessing Potential Strategies for Future Optimization
    • And much more. Let's chat!

“I want to give a public shoutout to Christen Moynihan. The world of affiliate marketing was incredibly overwhelming to me so I took Christen up on her consulting offer and she helped clear the way. Literally in one hour I went from no idea to being completely addicted (and now, dare I say, find it fun!). I highly recommend hiring her for a quick consult if you’re a bit clueless with all of the affiliate options like I was. Thank you Christen — you’re a lifesaver!”

— Brittny Drye of Love, Inc.

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