• Knocked-Up Chronicles: 36 Weeks

    Nine. Damn. Months. 

    Y’all. That’s three-quarters of a year … and he’s still not done cooking. I’m feeling every ounce of this third trimester: I’ve napped at least once every day, I can’t move without being in pain, the waddle is strong with this one and I’m just straight exhausted. I couldn’t even be fucked to try to look any cuter for this week’s photo. Just a few more weeks to go …

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  • Knocked Up Chronicles: 35 Weeks

    You guys, I feel huge. Like, I’m being led around by the bowling ball that is my belly. And #babything pretty much has nowhere else to go, so he’s just pushing up against my ribcage like it ain’t no thang … which, uh, is the opposite of fun. But we’re getting closer and closer to the due date, which means we’re getting closer to my taking maternity leave (such a weird concept, not working). We also have infant CPR and prenatal classes coming up, so education! Yay!

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  • Knocked-Up Chronicles: 34 Weeks

    Not much has happened since last week. It’s too hot for me to even think about going outside, and with #MFE picking up a second job, I’ve been pretty solidly couch-potatoing. I did start watching season 7 of “The Good Wife” and it’s rekindled how much I love Alicia Florrick. I’m also on book three of the Harry Potter series and am making some serious progress through that.

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