Discovering Dexter: 7 Months

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Seven months already? They (whoever they are) weren't kidding when they said this time goes by quickly. There has been so much going on, with your growth, with our work and everything in between that if we don't pause for a second you're going to be cruising out the door for college!

We're guessing you're super close to — if not already — 20 lbs. While those teeth still┬áhaven't made their debut, they're super close if those buds are any indication! You started on solids, and have some VERY serious opinions on those. We're still working on sitting up without help and growing that vocabulary, but you're definitely getting more vocal and more mobile — just in your own way! We also *finally* had some good nights of sleep … only to hit some major sleep regression this week.

Little Dexter, at 7 months:

You're just the happiest and most mellow baby. You don't put up much of a fuss, unless you're overtired, have a wet diaper or are hangry.

You're mesmerized by the kitties, reaching out to them whenever they're nearby and keeping all eyes on them whenever they slide into your line of sight.

You started sleeping! We had a few nights where you only woke up once to be changed, and you even went down for naps during the day — naps that didn't consist of being on mom and that lasted longer than 17 minutes.

You're eating “solids,” and sweet potatoes and oatmeal are the runaway winners. Peas do all right, as do warm carrots. Applesauce is acceptable, but broccoli was an absolute no-go, and pears gave you so much gas that we vowed to just hold off on those all together.

You love the high chair, watching your feet as you kick them and throwing your toys off just as soon as we pick them up. You also dig the clip-on chair we use at restaurants, since it puts you on our level. We love it because it gives us a chance to eat with two hands!

While you aren't quite crawling or sitting up on your own, you are inching along. Tummy time is now a huge part of our day, whether it's playing the piano toy, knocking down block towers or just checking out everything around you.

You don't really like sitting on your own, especially in your stroller. You want to be a part of the action always!

Your favorite toy is still Sophie (now on v. 2.0), but mom's glasses come in a close second.

You still love the “Sesame Street” song, with “Wheels on the Bus” coming in a close second and “5 Little Monkeys” coming in third. You pretty much just love to watch mama sing and act goofy.

You love story time at night, especially when Daddy reads to you.

We're amazed by you every day and love you so much.

Author: Christen