Discovering Dexter: 6 Months

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Holy shit. Six months already? How did that happen? Little one, this blows my mind. You've been growing and growing, both physically and mentally. It seems each new day brings a new development and it's so hard to keep up! Those damn teeth still haven't popped, but your doctor seems to think it'll be any day now.

At 17 lbs 12oz and 28 inches, your growth is slowing a little but not much. You're nice and healthy, and ready to start on solids. While you're not quite “ba, da, ma”-ing yet, you are blowing raspberries (with your tongue out, which is hilarious) and respond when we copy your noises. Your dexterity is becoming more and more fine-tuned, and you've even grown a bit used to taking at least one nap a day, sometimes even letting me put you down in your Rock ‘n' Play for it!

Little Dexter, at 6 months:

You're rolling from back to front without abandon and pretty much instantaneously every time we put you down. Front to back is a little more rare, but it's been done!

You aren't content to just sit. You want to stand and bounce every opportunity you have — even going so far as to plank when we're changing your diaper.

You're way more into Bumbo time, as long as you have your toys to gnaw on.

You had your first play date! Max and Katie came over for mom-osas and you and Max “chatted” through a series of gurgles and shrieks.

You and mama survived your first weekend without dad! Way to go, little buddy.

You're way more interested in the kitties, reaching out to them when they're nearby. We have to keep a close eye on you so that you don't get too grabby.

You're so over your strict diet of breast milk and want what we have always.

Since we've switched to nighttime diapers, you've been sleeping a bit better, even stringing together about 4.5 hours every night, and a solid couple hours at a time after that. You also happily (for us) fall asleep easily in restaurants or beer gardens. Keep that up, please!

Your laugh is one of the greatest things we've ever heard, and we hope we continue to make you that happy every day for the rest of your life.

Any song from “Sesame Street” elicits flailing arms and happy gasps from you.

Nana the Banana Toothbrush and Sophie the Giraffe are your very favorite toys, followed by anything that makes a bunch of sound when you crunch and gnaw.

We're amazed by you every day and love you so much.

Author: Christen