Discovering Dexter: 5 Months

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Five months down with no signs of slowing!  My sweet boy, these growing pains are very real for you. Teething has gotten especially rough, and it's so hard to see you in pain. But with all these aches come great new strides, and it's amazing to watch as you discover something new nearly every day.

At 17.02 pounds and nearly 27 inches long, you're definitely developing at a healthy rate. You've solidly left those 3-month clothes in the dust and are filling out those 6-monthers. Sleep still eludes us, but I've resigned myself to the fact that you've inherited my crappy sleep. Sorry 'bout that. Teething and growing pains aside, you're a blissfully happy child and that couldn't make us more thrilled.

Little Dexter, at 5 months:

You're rolling! You decided to go your own way and learn how to roll from back to front before anything else — and only toward your right. You're working on rolling from your left, and you've rolled from stomach to back once. It was a bit of a struggle at first, but you really put your mind to it and now you just can't stop!

Our food is starting to look a lot more attractive to you — you're always reaching for my cereal or pizza, and you're super curious about whatever I'm drinking.

The cats have piqued your interest, and they've been checking you out more and more. We're still cautious about your interactions, but it's fun watching you check out the furry kids in the house.

You're getting stronger and stronger, and you're almost ready for your own (hook-on baby) chair at the dinner table.

Little Captain Grabbyhands! If you can touch it, you're grabbing at it. That includes my face, any object near you and your own feet. And man, what a grip you have!

You're still napping like a champ first thing in the morning, and this mama is thankful. Though night sleep hasn't been amazing by any stretch of the imagination, you have gotten better at day naps … to the point where you even let us put you down and get things done while you catch some Zzzs.

Your little gurgles have turned into all-out shrieks. You've found your voice, and you're not afraid to use it!

“Wheels on the Bus” and the Sesame Street theme song get you smiling every time.

Sophie the Giraffe, Dragy the Dragon and Teethy the Teether are your favorite toys.

We're amazed by you every day and love you so much.

Author: Christen