ThinkTank is Over. Now What?

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You've had your 1:1 meetings. You lost your voice from all the networking. You're tired, maybe a little hungover and full of ideas. You've got a stack of business cards to sort through, a list of merchants you met with and tons of new blogger friends. You learned about a few new aspects to working with ShareASale, like reports you didn't know existed or ways to optimize your blog for better monetization.

So, where do you start?

First, take a day off. No, I'm serious (as I sit here and write this on my “day off”). You need a day to re-brain, process, rest and recuperate. Travel and heavy networking can take a real toll, and if you don't take care of you first, then your work will suffer. I typically check in for a few hours the day after a conference in case anything is on fire, but I give myself a limit and then spend the rest of the day cuddling cats, catching up on TV (I'm coming for you, Game of Thrones) and generally processing everything that happened over the previous few days. Because there was a lot.

When you're ready to get back into it, start by going over and organizing your notes and other materials. Sort them into Blog Projects, New Merchants, Existing Merchants and Other (education, blog collaborations, etc. generally fall into this). Decide which you want to tackle first — I generally take on New Merchants, as I can easily go into ShareASale join their programs. While I'm waiting for those approvals, I'll then look at things like Blog Projects and do the easiest, quickest ones first — this might include adding a WordPress plugin like Pretty Link Pro or signing up for tools like Optin Monster, Hootsuite or Shareist to help better monetize and promote your content. These are usually more immediately actionable steps to help increase your productivity and make your workflow, well, flow better. Existing Merchants and Other tend to be more ongoing, as I'll wait for follow ups from those merchants to further delve into what was discussed during meetings and implementing education and collaborations tend to take further brainstorming.

You'll also want to ensure all your shit is on point — your FTC disclosures should be in place, invalid links have been properly swapped out and any drastic commission decreases have been addressed. Don't forget to check your merchant timespan reports to see how those relationships are faring. Make a note to check in on these reports every so often so you're not missing out on opportunities or leaving money on the table.

Give yourself a refresher. Check out ShareASale's blog, or rewatch my keynote speech to remember what the hell it is you need to do. If you are super brand new to this and have no clue even where to start or what you're doing, then reach out to me! I'm happy to set you up with one of my starter packages to get you going in the affiliate marketing game and make sure you know the ins and outs of the network(s) and the tools available to you.

And don't forget to grab that unicorn by the horn, and go forth and be awesome!

Author: Christen