Milestones Baby Apps Should Include

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There were a few apps recommended to me when news of #babything first started getting out — especially Ovia and Sprout. I opted for Ovia, which I super dig for a few reasons such as: Being able to track growth in comparison with things like Weird-but-Cute Animals, Fun & Games, Parisian Bakery and Fruits & Vegetables; getting daily and weekly updates on what's going on with Babything and what I can expect with each new week; and the illustrated renderings aren't nearly as creepy as the 3D versions on Sprout. As I'm sure is possible with most apps of this ilk, I can also keep track of things like symptoms (you've barfed for 29 days in a row!), cravings, medications, nutrition and doctor appointments. There's also an option to track milestones (first kick! Ultrasound! Unsolicited belly rub [note: I will kill you. Just don't]! Cannot see feet!) which is cute … but there are a few milestones I feel are missing from the list.

Milestones Baby Apps Should Include:

Logged 8K steps walking back and forth to the bathroom to pee!

Stayed up later than 8 p.m. (even though the last hour was fully horizontal on the couch)!

Pooped twice this week!

Only vomited once today!

Showered and put on real-ish clothes!

Didn't kill my partner with flatulence!

Picked a booger the size of Halley's Comet!


What monumental moments did you experience during your pregnancy that seems to be missing from those apps? Share yours!


Author: Christen Moynihan