Married Me: The FAQs

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If you're homies with me at all on social media (no? Why not? Hit me up on Twitter or Insta!) then you saw that I done run off and got hitched on May (the) 4th (be with you). #MFE and I had been planning on getting engaged — at the very least — this year but with the addition of #babything, our original plans got a little, well, waylaid. After a ton of discussion, though, we decided to just go ahead and get the legal shit done to make life easier for our kid and ourselves. Also, we just kind of really love each other and wanted to be married. We can always have the wedding later (and believe me, we will. You can't take the wedding out of the wedding blogger).

Since I made an honest man out of him, though, I've gotten a bunch of questions, and since I'm pretty much an open book, I thought this might make for a great FAQ opportunity. 

Why May the Fourth?

Well, we're both Star Wars fans for one. We do have matching light saber tattoos, after all. And I woke up in the middle of the night for one of my *many* bathroom trips with our wedding date suddenly the very most important thing on my mind. I needed the date to be a good one and something memorable and fun. So at about 3:30 one random morning about a month ago, I suggested May 4, a Wednesday, and he agreed. I scheduled with the JP the next day.

Did you tell everyone before hand? 

Not like in a super huge announcement kind of way. We mentioned it to our friends and told his mother and my father. Some people we told the date to, some we didn't. We didn't want to make a huge deal out of it, because we weren't really celebrating-celebrating.

So it was a shotgun wedding, then?

I mean, no. It had been our plan, we didn't do it for any sort of have to reason. Did it stray from our original idea of how we would get married? Sure, but it doesn't change the outcome of us being married regardless of how it's done.

Did you get a ring? 

Yes, and it's exactly the one I've been eyeing for some time. My favorite jewelry store, Catbird, introduced this ring about a year or two ago and I've loved it with all my heart since. It's tiny, which is perfect for my small hands, and doesn't get in the way which is also perfect for my clumsy self. It's got a black diamond, which I adore and is set in rose gold. It was also affordable, coming in at under $400, which is just the kind of practicality I appreciate. #MFE also got a ring, which I purchased for him at a local jeweler.

What's up with your name?

Good question. I've been working under the moniker Christen Moynihan for about a decade now, with lots and lots of writing and editing and three books and numerous speaking engagements all tied to it. So, on the professional front, I'm keeping Moynihan. I will continue to use Moynihan for writing and speaking gigs. Personally and legally however, I'm adding Moynihan to my middle name and taking Evans as my last name, officially making my name super epic: Christen Lea Moynihan Evans. If we're friends on Facebook (which means we're actual real friends in IRL) you'll have seen the change because I have clear boundaries about with whom I accept friendships on Facebook.

Are you guys going on a honeymoon?

While I would love to be able to escape with my husband for a few days, especially before the baby is born, we've just got too much shit to do. I'm speaking at two events in Chicago next week and I have three weddings to work between June and July. Then I've got some serious nesting to contend with before #babything arrives, so no. It's just not feasible.

Did you register?

No, and it's not even something that crossed our minds. We're very focused on acquiring things for #babything and paring down the smorgasboard of shit we currently own, so there was no need. We do have a baby registry set up, and that's all we really give a shit about.

Are you happy?

Unbelievably so. I love this man and have for a long time. Circumstances have prevented this from happening sooner, but we're finally married and it's such a relief. 

Author: Christen Moynihan