Knocked-Up Chronicles: 29 Weeks

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While it's mostly been business as usual around here, I did break up the monotony by joining my husband on a work jaunt to San Antonio this week, which was a nice little diversion. I love taking road trips with him and just spending time with him in general. While I did take my laptop and set up a hotspot so I could get a little work done, my computer evidently decided it wasn't entirely necessary after I got all the uber important shit out of the way and stopped connecting to the Internet, so I got to enjoy the day more than originally planned. We also had a doctor's visit today, where my blood pressure is looking good and his heartbeat sounded solid. We're right on track for everything, and the next appointment will include a sono so we get to see the dude!

As promised, I'm taking a page out of my rad homie Cris from Kiss My Tulle‘s book (who took a page from Little Baby Garvin) and will do my damndest to post weekly updates … because someone out there might give a shit and want to know what's going on with this whole thing.

How far along? 29 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: The scale at the doc said 162 today, which would make total gain 18 lbs.
Maternity clothes? Yup. Maternity leggings, tank tops and T-shirts (especially from Target) are my jam.
Stretch marks? The beginnings of a couple are starting to form on my hips. And I have a stupid amount of veins that are showing.
Sleep: The last couple of nights haven't been horrible, but overall it's not great.
Best moment this week: #MFE had to go down to San Antonio for work, and since I can pretty much do what I want with my schedule, I decided to hop in the truck and go with him. I hadn't been south of DFW since moving to Texas, and I don't know when the next chance I'll be able to get out of town is, so I jumped at the opportunity. We didn't spend much time in SA, but we did stop and have lunch on 6th Street in Austin, which was pretty cool.
Miss Anything? I super miss sleeping on my back and stomach right now. And being able to put all the dishes away — the bump sets me too far off the counter to be able to reach our up-high cabinets.
Movement: Homeboy is having his own little one-dude party pretty much constantly.
Food cravings: Topo Chico still reigns. Ice cream — cookies and cream or ice cream sandwiches — are high on my list. 
Anything making you queasy or sick: Lots of movement. Eating too much. Breathing.
Gender: Still a dude.
Labor Signs: Hell no. Thank goodness.
Belly Button in or out? In, but it's getting smaller.
Wedding rings on or off? On, but I find myself switching it to another finger to give my ring finger a break fairly often.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy. I'm pretty solid.
Looking forward to: This weekend's wedding!

Two of our good friends are getting married this weekend and I'm coordinating while #MFE bartends. I love being able to help friends pull of their wedding day with minimal amounts of stress, so I'm super stoked. We also scheduled a 75-minute prenatal massage for me, but it's not until the week after next.

Author: Christen Moynihan