Knocked-Up Chronicles: 24 Weeks

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It was a big week for us: After nearly four years together, #MFE and I made this shit legal and got married by a Justice of the Peace. There were a few stumbling blocks along the way as far as pulling together my look (I'm in the wedding biz, I'm picky), but we made it work and Shannon, my business partner, stepped up bigtime to help bring it all together with a gorgeous peony bouquet, a pretty hairstyle (she's way better at that shit than I am) and her shutterbug skills (this week's photo credit goes to her). We landed on May the 4th (be with you) as a result of one of my late-night pee breaks where I suddenly found myself completely concerned with what our wedding date would be — it had to be a good one, and something awesome. Of course, with May 4 being Star Wars Day, it clicked (we do have matching light saber tattoos, after all) and that was settled.

As promised, I'm taking a page out of my rad homie Cris from Kiss My Tulle‘s book (who took a page from Little Baby Garvin) and will do my damndest to post weekly updates … because someone out there might give a shit and want to know what's going on with this whole thing. 

How far along? 24 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Not 100% certain, but I feel fucking huge.
Maternity clothes? Yes, but also still rocking a couple of pairs of pants that I had for some reason (luckily) saved and my regular T-shirts (which look super cute with the bump).
Stretch marks? Not yet, but I know they're coming.
Sleep: Not entirely horrible this week. I've been falling back asleep easier after pee breaks and have even slept all the way or nearly all the way through the night a couple of times.
Best moment this week: GETTING MARRIED!!!
Miss Anything? Champagne and bourbon. I had a small glass of Prosecco to celebrate after we got hitched, and it was almost like a tease.
Movement: I'm like 99.% sure some of the oddness I've been feeling has been him. At one point, it felt like he was playing pong inside my belly.
Food cravings: Pretty much anything. I've been RAVENOUS.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing specific, but I've been more nauseated in the last week, though that could be due to stress.
Gender: Still a dude.
Labor Signs: Hell no. Thank goodness.
Belly Button in or out? In.
Wedding rings on or off? On, and I hope it stays that way!
Happy or Moody most of the time: A mix — it's been a rough week for some things, but an amazing week for others.
Looking forward to: Getting all my shit prepared for Performance Marketing Summit and ThinkTank. So much work to do … but I've been looking forward to speaking about niche blogs at Performance Marketing Summit and I couldn't be more thrilled and honored to be giving the closing keynote at ShareASale ThinkTank.

I can't believe we're at six months! Though there are times when it feels like I've been knocked up FOREVER, it also seems like time is passing so quickly. We had a potentially huge moment this week that ended with a gargantuan letdown, in that we thought we'd be able to move into another unit two doors down that has its own garage and washer and dryer hookups, and even after talking to the landlord and discussing specifics, turns out there was a “miscommunication” (her words. Mine are a lot harsher) about which unit was actually vacant, so we're staying put for now. I'm pretty bummed because the layout is a lot more conducive to what we're looking for, and would be so much better for #babything, but we just signed a new lease in February, so we're kind of stuck for a while. C'est dommage, we'll get our break soon enough, I suppose.




Author: Christen Moynihan