Discovering Dexter: 3 Months

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Three months already! This last month has been a busy one for us, as I plunged back into coordinating weddings and #MFE has been working his butt off (as per usual).

Sleep hasn't gotten any more abundant, but the pattern has become more predictable, which is something. We've been dealing with some growing pains and developments, which are apparently harrowing for little humans, if the pterodactyl-screech crying fits are any indication. But his smile and personality have been getting their time to shine, too, and that's been a whole heap of fun to watch.

Little Dexter, at 3 months:

You've started blowing raspberries, and now all your monologues are interspersed with them.

You are discovering your hands, and it's amazing to watch you figure out what they're for.

Even though you loathe tummy time, your neck is getting stronger every day and you can almost hold your head up for extended periods of time.

Your smiles are so melty and you share them often.

You've become so curious about everything and you tend to just sit back and take it all in with a look of wonder on your face.

Zippy, Sophie and Stripey Dog are your favorite toys, and you love spending time on your play mat checking out the butterfly mobile.

Though your hair growth seems to have stalled, your eyes are definitely showing your Moynihan heritage.

We're amazed by you every day, and we love you so much.

Author: Christen