Will You Be at #ASE15? Come Join the Party!

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Steve Hall of Adrants
Steve Hall of Adrants

I will be attending my fourth Affiliate Summit, and second in NYC, this August. And I'll be speaking. This will mark my third Summit in a row up in the hot seat, and first time with a solo session. Y'all, I'm pumped.

What will I be speaking about, you ask? Well, bring your flask because I'll be revisiting my analogy-filled “Your Affiliate Strategy Should Be More Bourbon Neat than Long Island Iced Tea” discussion.

Why should you come to my session? Well, because I'm pretty fun. See above? I throw in T-rex impersonations from time to time. And I like bourbon.

Who's it good for? Affiliates in general, but bloggers specifically. Also good for affiliate managers who want to get a little insight into how bloggers are approaching affiliate marketing. Also also good for friends of mine and lovers of alcohol analogies.

If you're planning on attending, I'll see you at 2:24 on Sunday August 2.

If you haven't yet registered for Affiliate Summit East '15, I suggest you get your tush over to their site and get yourself registered. Here, I have an affiliate link for that: #ASE15.

Author: Christen